The Big Red Scooter rode by the fire house and left a Christmas present to those that serve.  They passed it on someone who could use it more.

The Big Red Scooter presented a random act of kindness to this group.
This is one many will say why?  At is a act of kindness to a kind man to let him know that his free legal advice and help through the year is greatly appreciated.
The Big Red Scooter stopped to give Don a Random Act of Kindness.  Don has been down on his luck for a while but is trying hard to get back up.  His bike is his link to jobs that keep him off the street.  This will buy him some new tires.
The Big Red Scooter stop to award Zoie a Random Act of Kindness.




Van the Man! We met Van the Man as we were walking through a street fair in  Pendleton. He and his mother had a booth promoting cancer awareness and selling  t-shirts to support Van's fight against cancer. He was diagnosed with
Medulloblastoma, a type of brain cancer, last fall right before his 5th  birthday. He is fighting a courageous fight and there is a good chance he will win the war. Read about Van on our Stories page





PictureBrenda and Pastor Gordon
Brenda is a 73 old grandmother and she was brought to our attention by Pastor Diane Gordon. Brenda has worked all her life and constantly tried to better herself, finishing her college degree at the age of 49.
Now on Social Security and a small pension she has fallen on hard times as a result of family situations. The Big Red Scooter project decided to give her a helping hand. The monies will be used to repair her car so that she can continue her search for a job to help her at the age of 73 get back on her feet.

As we were leaving a town in Mississipppi we passed a gentleman walking with a cane  and a bag of cans. We did a U-turn and went back to meet Mr. Bill Kid.  Mr. Kid  was a very friendly gentleman who told us he was taking his cans downtown to  cash them. Every dollar counted at his age he told us. We presented Mr. Kid with  a Random Act of Kindness envelope.

We gave Mr. Johnny "Duck" Holmes an envelope for all he has done for his community and the world of music. Contrary to most opinions, muscians are not wealthy people and this was an act of Random Kindness to a legend.

Fred Johnson lives  in Bentonia on basic SS benefits. He is a proud man that asks for help from few.
He recieved a Random Act of Kindness

This is Michele. Michele works hard to provide a better life for her and her daughter. She lives in Mississippi because the low cost of living allows her live a better life on minimum pay jobs even with the other drawbacks of the area. Michele works the morning breakfast service at a chain hotel. I can say I have not seen  another person in this job bringing more joy to travelers than Michele. Her positive attitude and outlook had everyone at the breakfast service commenting about her and leaving to start a new day hopefully with the same outlook as Michele. Michele recieved a Random Act of Kindness envelope.

We were standing in line at the post office in Memphis. The postal person was helping an elderly lady who was purchasing a few hundred dollars worth of money orders to pay her bills.The elderly lady was $8.50 short and became concerned. Sharon, the postal clerk, said without hesitation "Don't worry, I will make it up for you". Sharon recieved a Random Act of Kindness envelope for her kindness to others.